TARA User Guide

Running Jobs by SLURM Interactive

Interactive job is suitable for program testing, and can be used for two hours.

You can use Interactive job by using sinteract command as in the example.

$ sinteract -p [partition] -N [nodes] --time=00:20:00 -A [name of project] 

The sinteract command must specify the Project account, time, machine type, number of devices, memory, and others. The interactive job can be used for 2 hours.

After you use the sinteract command, you can use the srun command to run your program or code.

$ srun [programs or executable code]    #run program or executable code

This is an example of running an interactive job for 20 minutes using one node and one task per node.

$ sinteract –A tutorial --time=00:20:00 –N 1 --ntasks-per-node=40 $ srun my_hpc_script 

Cancelling jobs

Pressing Ctrl + C or typing exit to terminate Interactive job mode

Note: If you exit Interactive job mode, the running program will be terminated immediately.