TARA User Guide

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: How to increase the storage on the TARA system?

Send the following details to and CC the project investigator.

1. Specify the path (/home of user or /project)

  • If you need to increase storage of project, please specify your project code.
  • If you want to increase storage your personal path (/home), please specify your username.

2. Specify size (10 GB, 50GB, etc.)

Q2: Why can’t I submit a job on the TARA system?

It may be caused by ThaiSC project number for charging usage in your script (#SBATCH –A projxxxx). This may be caused by a missing SLURM Account within the script. If the problem persists despite specifying the SLURM Account, send your SLURM script to so that the administrator may check and respond promptly.

Q3: How to change or reset your password?

1. You can send a Username to Email: when you want to change or reset password.

2. The administrator will reset the password and send you a new one.

3. Using the new password, log in and set your own password.

Q4: How to add new team members who have access to your project?

For user at NSTDA, please ask your PI to add new team member at

For other users, please ask your PI to add new team member via this form

Q5: Why do I see the “password will be expired” message?

  • Once you change your password, you can access the TARA system.
  • These are the details on changing your password.
  • Password: enter your current password.
  • Re-type password: enter your current password again.
  • New password: enter your new password.
  • Re-type new password: enter your new password again.

Q6: How to enable email notifications for job status?

Insert this command to your sbatch script :

#Enable mail log
#SBATCH --mail-type=ALL 		#All status (start & finish)
#SBATCH --mail-type=END,FAIL,TIME_LIMIT #Finish status