TARA User Guide

TARA Storage


IBM Spectrum Scale: 750 TB Fast SSD disk for scratch space + High capacity SAS data


TARA File System

File systemQuotaDetails
$HOME50 GBPersonal storage space for users, which are used to store some data. The HOME is only the size specified. It cannot ask for more space.
$scratch80 TB
(shared among all users)
Fast read & write via read-intensive SSDs. If the user does not use the data stored in this system, the data will be deleted within 60 days.
$project200 GBThe main area for running the program, data collection, and results from your work, etc. If this area is not enough for your work, you can request to add more space. The administrative team will consider as appropriate.
  • File transfer
    • Microsoft Windows + MobaXterm

      • Step 1 Click menu Session > menu SFTP



      • Step 2 Enter the following information: remote host = 'tara.nstda.or.th', username = 'Your username', 'Port = 22', and then press OK



      • Step 3 Click Yes > Enter 'Your password'

      • Step 4 Select and drag the desired file to transfer

    • Operating system: Mac OSX / Linux

      Use the command ** scp ** (command in Terminal)

      • Step 1 Open the terminal program

      • Step 2 Upload data from your device to the TARA system using the following command scp -r file.txt yourusername @ tara.nstda.or.th

      • Step 3 Download data from the TARA system to your device using the following command scp yourusername@tara.nstda.or.th: ~ / path-on-server / yourfile.txt path-on-labtop / yourfile.txt


Schedule file transfers

To schedule file transfers, please follow the instructions based on your operating system.

Mac OS


Check quota

You can see the amount of space used and remaining using the following command.

$ myquota

[tara@tara-frontend-1-node-ib ~]$ myquota
Disk Space Limits         File Count Limits
                           usage        quota        usage        quota
                      -----------------------  ------------------------
 Home                     3.693G          50G        53248       300000
 projxxxx-thaisc               0         200G            5      2000000